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(gambar ini dicuri dari uncle google. thankyou uncle :*)

Allahumabariklana .. Hehehe no lah gamba kat atas ni saje je nak bagi entry kali ni meleleh sikit (cewah!)
Seperti yang diceritakan dalam entry sebelum ni yang saya akan present malam ni emm presentation tu ala ala tutorial la kot sebab our gojes lecturer, Miss Najlaa, she's actually wants to see either we're able speaking english while doing something? (or  not I'm not really sure actually hehe) Pastu si berlagak minah yang namanya Syahida ni pun menggatal pi volunteer nak present untuk malam ni . Sebenarnya saya nak lega awal awal takdela 'butterflies in my stomach' all the time kan hahah .

So I've decided to show them how to make a tiramisu :) So all that we need are 

*300g Marie Biscuits 
*250g cream cheese (I use the Philadelphia cheese)
*200ml whipping cream
*100g caster sugar
*250 ml hot water
*1 tablespoon of Nescafe powder
*a lil bit of grated chocolate / Milo

First, beat the cream cheese, caster sugar and whipping cream in a mixing bowl with electric beaters until soft peaks form. And then left aside .
Then, mix Nescafe powder with the hot water. Dip the Marie biscuits into the coffee mixture and arrange in the glass/tray (or any container that you used) .Spread the mixture of cheese that you had beat before on the biscuits. And again, dip the remain Marie biscuits into the coffee mixture and arrange them on the layer of cheese mixture. 
Finish with a layer of the cheese mixture. Sprinkle the grated chocolate on the layer of cheese mixture or maybe you can just use Milo (I only use Milo to save cost haha) or maybe for those who really love Oreo, you can also use it.

You have to refrigerate your delicious tiramisu for at least 4hours .

If you can spot any grammatical error, please leave your comment okay? Thankyou (:

-Good Luck-

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